Experience of Advice NI’s Supporting Active Engagement and Building Resilience in Retirement programmes, which taught older people how to use the Internet so that they could access their rights and entitlements and avail of better deals online, demonstrated that many older people do not trust online banking.

Many have a fear of being scammed and losing money and lack confidence in their own skills and knowledge. However, using online budgeting tools and cost comparison websites garnered positive feedback.  I found similar fears and lack of confidence among participants of the classes I attended in both Australia and Japan.


A generic banking simulator for the UK that would enable older people to develop their skills and build their confidence in a safe environment.  A gamified solution, i.e. an online game, co-designed with older people, would make the learning both fun, relevant, and help build up skills, knowledge and confidence.  It could include budgeting, how to be safe online as well as how to use banking tools. Such a simulator does not have to be targeted solely at older people, it could also help young people learn how to manage their money, therefore having a wider application.